Be on time

As a courtesy to others. 

Please be 5 minutes early to your appointment to avoid any scheduling issues. In the matter that you are running late. Let me know as soon as possible so I can make adjustments to get everyone in a timely manner. Others are counting on you!

Clean your hair

The cleanest hair gets the cleanest cut

Please shampoo and condition your hair the night before or the morning of your cut. Do not put ANY products in your hair. If you do not, please arrive approximately 15 minutes early so that it can be shampooed before your appointment time. There is a $5 service charge. 


In Stock! Cold Label products for all hair and hygiene needs. 


Pomades, King oil, Baby Powder, Tooth Powder, Conditioner, Beard oil and more!

Tips for the client

Book Early

All appointments are first confirmed, first served. 

To be fair, I offer standing appointments to my weekly clientele. You are more than welcome to find a time that works for you and book it weekly. Otherwise, I accept appointments based on my availability and the order in which they are received. 

Color, blends, line up, technique– details like these can transform a haircut, making you feel like a new person wherever you go. 


The goal of THEMARCOFGENIUS is to help you become the person you aspire to be. Classic or Swag? Prep or Funky? We’ll guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and then sitback while you choose your style. We pull it all together into a fly new design that is crisp, clean and uniquely yours. Marc is the stylist for you.

Say hello to the new you!


Royal treatment specialist